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Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Voracious Readers,
I grinning and whooping anholleringthats my outbreath, of course.

JUST BREATHE OUTUsing Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You is available now.

To order : http://www.itascabooks.com/just-breathe-out.html

JBO will also be available through the
Library of Congresss books for blind readers, as an audio book and a Braille book.


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Betsy Thomason, BA, RRT


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PODCAST by holistic doctor. Ronald Hoffman MD, December 17, 2014 interviewing Betsy Thomason, RRT who explains the health value of daily practice of the BreatheOutDynamic system.




If you are committed to putting energy into personal wellbeing, you’ve

found the needle in the haystack—the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs).


Whether you have a diagnosed lung condition such as asthma, bronchitis

or emphysema (COPD) or have shortness of breath due to anxiety or

stress, BODs is for you. Perhaps you are perfectly healthy and want to

expand your physical abilities—run a marathon, sing in a chorus, or paddle

a kayak. BODs is for you.


BODs is a diaphragmatic breathing practice that focuses on the active,

spine-stretching outbreath and passive, relaxed inbreath, just the opposite

of plain old breathing. The active outbreath helps you to overcome fatigue,

pain, and shortness of breath, and to be relaxed at the same time. The

result is a user-friendly body.


Learn more right here at this website.


If you would like to read  a pre-publication pfd of Just Breathe Out - to be published in early 2016 -
email Betsy your request -
betsy@justbreatheout.com Share a bit about yourself and why
Just Breathe Out interests you. Betsy will email you the pdf.

This website is dedicated to occupational therapist Anne Lane Mavromatis (1934-1987) who
changed the course of my life and Ian Jackson (1943-2011) who inspired me with a new calling. BT

The BreatheOutDynamic system (formerly BreathPlay—see
Betsy's BODs Blog) is used with permission of the estate of Ian Jackson

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